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Books Five to Eight of The Tamar Black SagaFaerie TaleThe fifth book in the Tamar Black Saga“All The World’s A Stage”Tamar’s back!And this time, she’s off the chart and travelling without a map. There are Faeries in the woods and they’re not the cute little wingéd creatures from the stories your mummy read to you.Faeries are, at best, con artists and tricksters.And at worst, homicidal maniacs.And these Faeries are out to take over the world.Just for the fun of it.Anything But OrdinaryIs Denny Sanger the sexiest man in the world?This, and other crucial questions, are now being asked by the world’s press (and secret government agencies?)Since saving the world from the faeries, Tamar, Denny and Co are now famous! Reporters are now camping out on the doorstep 24 hours a day, and who are the two strange men in the blacked out car?And, as if that wasn’t enough, Tamar is having so much fun going shopping and painting her nails that Denny is going absolutely crazy trying to convince her that she is …ANYTHING BUT ORDINARYAs the wedding approaches, and the strain is beginning to tell on Tamar and Denny, their friends are beginning to wonder if they will make it to the church (this time)And then they discover that they are not the only ones out there saving the world.Rise Of The NephilimTamar and Co. – the Next Generation.Who’s that girl?Meet Iphigenia Black – daughter of Tamar (oh, and er Denny too)Cindy’s back and madder than ever – and she’s brought a little surprise with her.Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow up?Renamed Ashtoreth, son of Cindy has become a powerful threat. Born of a fallen angel and a mortal woman, he is the Nephilim. And Cindy intends to throw him full force at Tamar and Co. – Revenge is sweet.But Tamar and Denny have a little surprise of their own.With the power of the Rheingold, Cindy herself has become a formidable enemy. But what will happen when she meets Denny again and realizes that she has not quite forsaken love after all?PantheonTHE FINALEDenny should never have crashed the mainframe!Rebooting was the easy bit, making sure all the deleted files didn’t reboot was a little harder. He should have been more careful.Now the mythological age is back, in fact, it never went away. The Greek gods are still on Mount Olympus. And the clerks in mainframe are furious and insisting that Tamar and Denny fix it. Right now!The only problem is, they have to go back to when the age of myths was supposed to have ended and make sure that it does.Well, that’s not the only problem…

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