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They had barely begun a life together and already the king and queen had suffered greatly. The king had none but his wife to give him hope, to give him an heir, and after the loss of one infant prince and then another, they welcomed their third child, Gwynknell , with great apprehension. Just as her brothers, Gwynknell fell ill soon after her birth and it seemed there would be no end to the despair, until the faeries came in the night with their healing thorn, and with a single prick, saved the princess from certain death. Then, whether by curse or deliberate intent, Gwynknell was stolen away in the night. With only the words of an accomplice to point the way, the ab urged the king to go in search of the princess. They rode deep into hostile lands only to return without her, barely escaping with their own lives and a single mystic stone which the ab had stolen from the temple. He claimed it held some power which might help in finding the princess, but as the years passed, it seemed nothing would bring her home. The princess was lost forever. Life continued and the king was eventually blessed with two strong sons, or so he would have everyone believe. In the end, it was this one lie that humbled the king and brought him to his knees. He surrendered his throne, until another’s wanton lust for power and vengeance made a way for the king’s redemption and made an end into the beginning.

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