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Timekeeper: A woman trained by the Fates to read the strands and manipulate them as needed to preserve peace or bring upon the destruction of the world.Angels: Heavenly beings separated into three classes. Seraph – charged with maintaining God’s will. Renegade – Angels who have abandoned their posts and defected to Earth. Fallen – stripped of their wings and have become no better than Demons.Living in the mortal world is typically tedious. Ilana sees her lifetimes away from Aliis Mundi as a vacation. Until now, the Timekeeper’s existence has been uneventful, but when she becomes the target of unlikely hitmen it’s time to break out her training. Her life becomes complicated. The problems of working for a hostile organization that does nothing but antagonize her, coping with an undesirable prophecy, and dealing with her father, the Demon King Azazel, are no walk in the park for the Princess.Can she survive this life, or will she bring about the end of the world?

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