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The world is rocked by the manifestations of giant, stone clad monsters that appear to be harvesting humans. A strange, diminutive, humanoid creature is discovered wandering in the Grampian Mountains. Dr. Jeanne McLennan, part of a secretive agency investigating alien appearances, is posted to Aberdeen to lead a team to investigate. Jeanne, at one time an Inspector in the Grampian Police, and her twelve year old son Paul are uprooted from their comfortable life in Essex. The creature is not from this world, and is soon joined by others, at first by a female with a newborn infant. Jeanne with Dr. Tom Pinkerton an American Anthropologist, are unable to deduce where they could have originated from. Through a series of fluky events they are joined by an ex British Special Forces Senior NCO, John Wilson and his sister-in-law Yvonne. John is able to communicate with the creatures and discovers the male is a Brosynan of Clan Tirnano, named Finn. John is able to shed light on the origin of the Brosynan creatures, having spent four years living with them after slipping through a tear in the fabric between their world and ours. Another related creature is discovered in Oklahoma by a young family coincidentally related to Tom Pinkerton. Tom is dispatched back to the USA to investigate, with a plan to transport the creature to Aberdeen to join with the creatures already there. His adopted niece Winn has formed a bond with the creature called Ny-mo and has begun to communicate with it using signing language. Two further horrific appearances of the stone clad giants spur the Governments of the USA and the UK, to agree to jointly fund and equip a team to investigate the giant creatures. The plan is to pass through a fabric tear that Finn is able to generate.

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