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“Harrison’s descriptive writing is lush and extensive, building a vivid sense of place.” —Quill and Quire When the sorcerer Lord Maldici was killed in a last, great battle, it seemed the world was safe. But the lord’s evil daughter escaped to the deserts of Terre. Her dark powers caused greed, slavery, and a war that is destroying the tribes. Questing for a family, the orphan Ambro will do almost anything to prove that he belongs with the ruling tribe. But events force him to choose between his desires and the bitter truth when he meets Noleena. Snatched to safety when her tribe was put to death, she lives in hiding but learns the truth of her heritage from Hasani, a desert bandit. She must courageously risk her life by embarking on a quest to save her people from the dark Maldici dynasty. Hasani and Ambro will aid her struggle to reach the Moon Mountains with their source of magical power. But Hasani and Ambro are from warring tribes. Only by uniting in their quests can these three vanquish the rising powers of darkness, and set themselves free.     “This volume raises some serious matters such as the issue of race and what it can mean to be perceived as ‘different.’ The story involves magical creatures, an evil sorceress, and youthful, romantic stirrings. It touches on slavery and brutality, put forward in a well-written tale that will be appreciated by those who love fantasy. Where the first book in the series was written with a medieval Italian flavour, this tale reads more like something out of the Arabian Nights, which is not a bad setting for a story that takes place in another world where magic can be part of daily life. Recommended.” —Ronald Hore, CM Magazine

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