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The Twin’s Soul is a general fiction (spiritual) novel about identical twins who are abandoned at birth, separated, and adopted by different parents. The adoptive parents are unaware that there are two infants. In a strange incident at the birth of the twins, one infant, Ginny, is born without a soul and grows up, desperate, frightened, and lacking a sense of self.Carol, the other twin, becomes an international celebrity renowned for her power and brilliance. At birth, her sister’s soul had mysteriously entered her body leaving her strangely empowered by two souls.Now an adult, Ginny’s intense impoverishment and emptiness prompts a series of episodes as Ginny, though extremely fearful, begins a quest to right this wrong.Guided by a mystic who unravels and interprets a strange dream that she has one night, Ginny finds her unknown sister and begins an extraordinary journey into a world filled with portents, love and hate. Elated by the discovery of her sister, Carol invites Ginny to spend the weekend with her family. Discovering that Carol and her husband, Wallace, live out a bizarre sexual relationship governed by humiliation and sadism, Ginny is shocked, but then is attracted to Wallace. During the long weekend Ginny gradually usurps Carol’s role as mother, wife and lover.Carol, threatened with the loss of her life and home, strikes back, believing that Ginny is an intruder who must be destroyed. A series of events draws Ginny and Carol into a deadly confrontation that tears the sisters apart. Beset by powerful emotions they fall asleep and experience an overwhelming simultaneous dream that leads to an extraordinary interaction that transforms their lives and leads to an astonishing and life-changing revelation.Questions of God’s awareness of individuals, how He directs our lives, the acceptance of free will versus the belief that our life and future are fixed and unchangeable are raised in this story.

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