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council-leader goldeye and his grand council of dragonsrod had worked tirelessly to rebuild dragonsrod from the ashes of the griffon war. together, over time, they had brought peace and prosperity back to their beloved country. all seemed happy and well and apparently united in a common cause. nothing could have been further from the truth. the reality was, the seemingly strong coalition as goldeye saw it, was as fragile as a house of cards. someone was going through extreme measures to bring the whole rotten foundation around him by renewing old rivalries and reopening wounds. rumors began to swirl about the resurgence of an old enemy to the east, known as the vordral and they were looking to conquer dragonsrod.worse still, goldeye and his family were the target of a vicious attack. the egg clutch belonging to he and his wife, moira, had been destroyed by an unknown assailant -- save one egg. fearing another attempt on his family and not knowing who on the council he could trust, goldeye enlists the aid of dragonsrods two best detectives, handoe and sandstorm; an ex-army scout, turned fugitive, maxum; an ex-prisoner of war, river rat; and the mysterious jessa. they must get moira and the egg out of dragonsrod and away from the villainous councilor zare and his minions to the safety of the far off cannis republic.goldeye, meanwhile, must do everything he can to find the attackers of his family and keep dragonsrod from being ripped apart by enemies from within and from without its ancient borders. the battle begins...

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