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Dear Reader, A word from the author... This is Book Two of The Waste. Few readers have come this story this far. If you are one of those who hate this story, you aren't in for any merry surprise. Even so, I expect those who have come along will have not been dissuaded by my warnings and discovered I am not so shabby a writer. But, you are still leery about the writing, I'm sure you will be disappoint in the end.. But if you stop now, you will miss the rest I have to tell, because, who else can speak for me? The same question applies to the writing and the proofreading, editing, artwork. I'm responsible for every bit. And I repeat my claim The Waste is an epic story. Well, antiepic; deviant of conventions. It's tragically adventurous. What is here is a novice's effort to create a story on the scale of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or Stephen King's The Stand. But my tale is different. There is no good versus evil. Everyone here is an irredeemable sinner. There is only evil in this desert world called the Shur. God is gone, and that has left an opening for demons and alien gods to fill that void. The Waste is always the uncensored pinnacle of the story. Whereas, a single novel would easily tell the tale, I always imagined two volumes. Just like the New Testament, there are two parts – a resurrection and an apocalypse. The trilogy split the story into three suggestively titled books – Manifestation, Emergence and the meaningless Abeyance – but that did undermine the whole idea to revise Christianity. The Waste, Book One and Book Two, is what readers should have got. This is Book Two of The Waste. From whence, an Antichrist has emerged and the heavens and hell are opened. -- Matthew Sawyer

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