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**This is a collection of four previously published titles: two books that each begin an unrelated series, one standalone novel, and one short story** Nobody starts out strong. Here is a collection of stories about women who learned and grew and became stronger than when they started their personal journey, no matter where that journey took them. The Baker's Wife In a world where the magic you cast is restricted (on pain of death) by the role you must take, Krysilla Gillasin struggles to do her part as the wife of a baker. A baker, unfortunately, who no longer does any baking, leaving her exhausted from trying to run the business. When she meets a feverish minstrel, she ignores all consequence and brings him home instead of leaving him to die by the river's edge. Her husband, furious, demands he leave. Unwilling to turn a sick man out when he's still weak, Krysilla, for the first time, defies him, thus starting a chain of events that rip apart everything she thought she wanted. Before long, she's dealing with scheming nobles, Dogs on the hunt, and more forbidden magic than she ever dreamed she would touch. And at the heart of it is that far-too-handsome minstrel, a man who tempts her more than she'll admit, and in more ways than one. Loki, Son of Laufey Sigyn, young and shy, has no place among the gods of Asgard. She can’t even bring herself to look them in the eye. Until Loki arrives. Soon, everything she’s known has been turned upside-down, including her heart. Fighting against her growing need to be close to him, she inadvertently becomes his friend, even as the changes in Asgard take a darker turn. Before long, she finds she must choose between obedience and rebellion, between order and war, between illusion and a love that will change her world forever. Shining Armor Nicholas is a disillusioned dragon trying to forget his past. Annie is a frustrated human, unaware of the dragonblood that runs through her veins. One deal ties them together. But ignorance only lasts so long, and the past, now bent on revenge, is not easily put aside. Soon, Nicholas and Annie must decide what is truly worth keeping, what is worth their greatest sacrifice, because if they don't, they'll lose everything, including each other. Master of Roads A desperate woman. An awful bargain. "Master of Roads" is a tale of duty fighting love; of the judgment of gods, and the hope of mortals. Which will win?

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