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The worlds oceans are in peril.Microscopic planktonia numbers are dwindling, and with their demise other species will die out, along with those the asperini depend on.Many asperini shawls believe the only way to secure their survival is to abandon the ocean entirely and live on land alongside the nghozas. The only way to achieve this is to become nghozas themselves, but with the desertion of the magic wielding Muird, there is no other option but to mate with them.Morg of Finyarn is born of a long line of ligphur who believe in the transition from asperini to nghoza and have been mating with them for many generations. Morgs young one will be the start of many who can change their tails to legs. Morg is repulsed by the notion and wants nothing to do with any such mating.With help, she escapes and is shown the way to the White Queen, the only ligphur who may know the way to aid asperini everywhere. The White Queen is gifted and can see into the great ahead and may be their only hope in staying within the ocean.Unbeknown to Morg, the White Queen is not who shes been told she is. She has a task of her own, and will do anything to gain control of Ealor, the one poren who really will make a difference. To do this she needs the youngling who will become Ealors mate and own his heart. She knows who this youngling will be, she has seen it. Morgs offspring.

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