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Is there more than one universe and can we sometimes walk into one of those hidden dimensions if the circumstances are right? This question and others similar to it are answered when Katy Linn, a young twelve-year old girl goes skating on an old frozen pond with her friend Teri Kane.Anxious to try out her new skates, Katy Linn goes skating and is surprised when a gnome shows up in an elegant sleigh pulled by four white, furry polar bears and invites her to go to a place called Twinkle City. All he will tell her and her friends, Virgil, Cecil and Casey is that someone has stolen three of the four seasons and that winter will reign forever if Katy doesn’t help them. Spring, summer and autumn have been kidnapped and he suspicions that the Wicked Wizard of the North is the guilty culprit. Queen Isabella Freeze, the Queen of Winter, believes that Katy has magical powers that can help them recover the three seasons.The gnome introduces himself as Mevlin Dermont. He tells her that he’s from the land of the Daneons and that he has arrived to take her to see the Queen of Winter. Suspicious at first, Katy finally agrees to go when the gnome tells her that her father approves of her mission and that her friends can go with her. Boarding the magic sleigh, they are mesmerized by the fact that the sleigh and the bears can fly. In the safety of the sleigh, they are confident that nothing can harm them, until tragedy strikes from the skies above.

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