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From the award winning author of The Shaman’s Calling, Jack has created another incredible Young Adult/Teen Adventure story filled this time with Wizards and Sorcerers!Elisa Deibleman has refused to study the arcane arts, having seen her older brother and sister struggle to fit in with ordinary teens. She wants no part of it! Unfortunately, an evil sorcerer wants all of her, intending to sacrifice her to take her life force for evil purpose.Her younger sister Missy, who’s deeply devoted to the arts, both benign and dark, and another girl in her school, a sorcerer named Tara, have to try and save her from a horrid fate! Along the way, she discovers that the boy she has a humongous crush on is not only a sorcerer’s apprentice, but the apprentice to the evil one aiming to bring about her destruction! Magic life gets convoluted and messy!Being taken by Missy and Tara to the Erisarian, the magic realm, she eventually meets an ancient sorceress named Erisini, who wishes to aid them in their battle against the evil one. Being hunted by her evil nemesis, Elisa has much reason to regret not studying her family’s wizardry!A magical and thrilling adventure and quest to accept one’s birthright and nature, and to find love unexpectedly along the way!

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