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The Destroyer of the Math Gate has not been idle in the sun’s turn since the Second Gate War on the world of Math, when he nearly defeated the Fylking, his ancient enemies. Wounded, bitter and bent on reprisal, the immortal warlock has gathered an army. He has acquired a spell that will damage the Veil that separates the mortal and immortal worlds. And he is waiting. The Fenrir Brotherhood is an ancient order of sorcerers who serve the Wolf Gods of the North. Traditionally hired by warlords to protect their own bloody, ambitious interests, the brotherhood now keeps to itself—or so it is generally believed. But the older something is, the more secrets it keeps, and the secrets of the Wolf Lords have not only unleashed an army of demons across the land, but also let the Destroyer in. When the Veil falls and war erupts, the realm is faced with a legion of beings far beyond mortal capabilities. It is left to a sorcerer hunted by the Wolf Lords and a company of King’s Rangers broken by grief and trauma to find a hedge witch whose secrets could change everything. Unfortunately, she is hiding between the worlds.

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