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Possibly the first nascent strivings of religion is recorded in the short story, ‘A Goblin’s Victory.’ That the first known development of human religion is flesh sacrifice (murder of humans and animals to propitiate the violent gods) may have been in imitation to the practice first observed by humans conducted by these goblins. The longer short story, ‘A First Time For…’ details Shan-Caudl’s first love. At least we think it’s his first love. He was still in his teens at the time but there can be no doubt about his feelings for Tarliss. In the short story, ‘The Cave’ we may have the first adventure of Perser accompanied by Shan-Caudl. To date we have not found any previous adventure of these two and we do not (as yet) know what their first meeting was like and the circumstances so this tale becomes instructive in understanding Perser and Shan-Caudl as individuals as well as friends. The prequel to ‘The Blue Sword’ and Perser’s quest is contained in the novella, ‘Oaff.’ We learn much about Perser and the goblins’ mission. In a contemporary prequel we have titled, ‘Fess’ we see Shan-Caudl’s abilities for quick thinking and his natural bonhomie. ‘A Soldier’s Dilemma’ is a tale of two soldiers in the midst of the ‘War of the Races’ initiated by goblins against humans, elves, dwarves and others.

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