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Earth’s hidden history… the hidden agenda… everything you have always wanted to know about history… and never dared ask ! How aliens brought man the Holy Grail !   When one revisits history one is struck by the fact that it appears visitors of a higher knowledge have kept coming to meet man… and distil advanced knowledge as though a course was taught to mankind…   As far back as we may go in history and beyond… we will find evidence that most of the known –or official history as we know and are taught it- is filled with incoherence, asynchronous manifestations and strange events… carefully hidden from the common people…. only reserved to some chosen few… and yet if we only care to look around with a critical eye, we will see that at close inspection so fact and figures don’t stand the test of time as we know it… People ask questions as to the what and why, the how and when of these facts and feats… I give the answer… the Holy Grail has at last been found !   There is nothing strange here… the only oddities are generated by the reconstruction and / or revision of man’s history as we are presented it… the truth shouldn’t be stranger than fiction...     Keywords: UFO, Science, fiction, story, history, alien, stone,  heritage, building, construction, architecture      

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