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Lena Moro has many demons and is about to gain another one. It all starts when she comes face to face with her very own demon; a two thousand year old half demon named Cillian. He is reluctantly drawn to Lena because of her special abilities and her to him because of the peace brought to her by someone she can't read. Lena is an extraordinary empath. She unknowingly perceives others mental and emotional states and then also heightens and manipulates them. Her childhood was troubled with pain and abuse; compounded by the fact that she had special abilities. Lena learns to cope from these invasions by evading feelings and relationships, relying on substances only to find herself dipping into dark places to feel… something... anything. Cillian has his own conflicts to resolve: his wavering humanity that he's so desperately trying to hold on to-- the only memory left of his ever loving human mother and his demonic side-- the lust for blood and violence. Their relationship quickly becomes intense much to Lena's increasingly fearful best friend Ezra. Ezra has a secret. So does Cillian. Does Lena? Love isn't always good.

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