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So Sasha survived her first solstice, more by luck than judgement. She truly is the next Guardian of the Stones. Sadly not everyone made it through - this real life thing just sucks. But good news! The humans have a job for her. This god, the Shan, the original Destroyer of Worlds that rose from under the great alter and killed her grandmother, the last Guardian, is a danger to every being on the planet, human or ‘other’. According to a slightly sinister panel of humans, someone has got to find him and kill him once and for all before the world discovers that the Brits have, once again, dropped the ball by letting this all powerful enemy of old back into the world. Sasha isn’t to worry though because shes not on her own. Help comes in the form of SEB, a ‘specially enhanced being, a deliciously damaged, charmingly innocent killing machine, slightly past his use-by date and a siren call to Sasha’s libido. And the emeritus professor of history who knew her Gran in another life makes Sasha question everything she has known or taken for granted about her life up to that point. Why is her life suddenly so complicated? Why are none of the men that she loves what they seem? Why isnt she more concerned about being sent to kill her own father? And by the way, where the hell is the Prince of all the vampires and exactly how long can she ignore the fact that she just might be pregnant? Book two in the series sees Sasha, supremely unprepared and ill-equipped, delving deeper into her own and the human world, neither of which, given the choice, she would touch with fifty foot cattle prod.

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