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Short Story Press Presents Waiting For Martin by Ona Jo-Ellan Bass “Waiting For Martin” is set in a nebulous future-never in which catastrophic environmental change has returned ancient beings to earth, as well as raining down a disastrous helping of new ones. A family of children try to make their way home to their older brother, who is their guardian, when a bit of environmental fallout gets in their way. Some personal changes make the journey even more interesting for the one “normal” member of the family You will enjoy this story if you: • Enjoy reading mythology. • Like mystery stories. • Enjoy family oriented short stories. • Believe family member should take care of each other. • Believe in the power of love and self-sacrifice. • Have a family of your own. • Enjoy reading urban fantasy. • Ever believed there were fairies, little green men, or things that go bump in the night – even for a couple of minutes. • Like reading stories based on the Heinleinian writing principal of “what if”. • Relax by spending few tense moments reading about the troubles other people have and are glad yours are not that bad. This story is a tribute to the many hours my mother spent reading aloud and telling stories to me, and to the hours I have spent hearing the new stories written by my own children.

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