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# Contents: - Water Spirits (3,000 word story) - Oddity's Story (3,000 word story) - Body Counter (Hired #1 [Promotional Story]) - Word Count: 10,000 words - Page Count: 50 Standard Book Pages # Water Spirits (Quest Fantasy Series #4) Murk nearly falls to his death, but is saved by the beautiful mermaid/mage, Kate. Finding himself in a small mountain enclosed section of the Madlands, Murk decides to continue his quest to escape this brutal territory of the Free World. However, escape isn't that simple and he must travel to the Pool of Knowing and the Mirror of Knowledge. High in the mountains, he and Kate find the pool, but there are secrets that Murk cannot even begin to imagine in the depths. Can Murk get the knowledge he seeks, and will he find something more, something that will change his life completely? Download to find out! # Other Titles In This Series: - Left Behind (Story #1) - The Flaming Man (Story #2) - Left Behind and Flaming Man (Combined Story Pack) - The Dark Mines (Story #3) - Water Spirits (Story #4) - The Dark Mines and Water Spirits (Combined Story Pack) - Quest: The Collection (Stories 1-4) # Oddity's Story (Sin Fantasy Thriller Series #6) Blake Barrows, the man destined to become Oddity, is a lowly lab assistant to Dr. Thompson, a famous inventor. One night, after cleaning up one of the doctor's latest messes, he is attacked by a syringe wielding demon. The resulting transformation sends Blake's life into a tumble as the beast within calls for the death of all humanity. Thankfully, he regains control, but not before facing off with Sin and another of the demon's experiments, Havoc. Can Blake retain his humanity and control the demon inside? Will he fall to the overwhelming power that is Havoc? Download and find out! Other Titles In This Series: - Hell's Gates (Story #1) - Soul Shards (Story #2) - Hell's Gates and Soul Shards (Combined Story Pack) - Bad Friendships (Story #3) - The Eyeless (Story #4) - Sin 3 and 4 (Combined Story Pack) - Lost and Found (Story #5) - Sin: Stories 1-4 (Collection) - Oddity's Story (Story #6) - Lost and Found and Oddity's Story (Combined Story Pack) - Vampire Mystery (Story #7) - Love and Sin (Story #8) - Vampire Mystery and Love and Sin (Combined Story Pack) - Sin: Stories 5-8 (Collection) - Death of Sin (Story #9)

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