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For eReaders... Complete - Astacien wakes from a dream and takes you by the hand to draw you into her story, a fantastic adventure, to be sure, as her idyllic life is turned upside-down. Living in a fantastic world of elves and orcs and wizards, Astacien is quick-tempered but courageous. She has been sheltered her entire life, but that is about to change as she embarks on a journey that she soon realizes is no mere adventure, but a quest to (ultimately) save her world. She bravely faces danger, except for spiders, and fiercely protects what she loves. She's a quirky blend of boldness and innocence. While she forges new and lasting friendships, an epic romance is also kindled, and it's her naivete that many can relate to and find endearing. As the quest unfolds, she finds strength and purpose in herself as she is forced to face some truths that she never could have imagined. Fantasy, adventure and romance await.

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