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Wayfarer: a traveller, usually on foot; a person in transit from one place to another. Lodestone: a rock containing magnetite; floated in water, it swings to indicate true north; used by early travellers and mariners to navigate From parent to child, found and lost, cherished and discarded, one small piece of stone imbued with a mysterious essence will affect thousands of people from all over the world and across more than nine thousand years of history. Eight thousand years ago, on the land bridge which is now buried beneath the North Sea, Thara is struggling to survive with the help of her wolf-dog, Tang… Five thousand years ago, in the Austrian Alps, Orthan’s determination to get his grand-daughter Athira to safety will create a legend… Three thousand years ago, in rural England, Lian tends her sheep… and hides an incredible secret which, in time, will create a landmark whose origins are shrouded in legend… Two thousand years ago, the slave-girl Aquila is cleaning the Master’s villa in Pompeii when ash and heated pumice stones begin spewing from the summit of Mt Vesuvius … One thousand years ago, on the snowbound plains of Canada, Viking teenager Haakon, lame  for years, flees for his life from a skraeling attack with his small cousins and baby sister tucked into a sled… In 2018 a resentful Sasha, dumped at her uncle and aunt’s farm in rural New Zealand by her parents, is determined to match her cousins’ dislike with her own – until Bree is lost in an unexplored cave beneath the family farm… On the eve of the 22nd century, Artemis has been dragged to the Moon by her father. There she meets the enigmatic Freydis, who needs her help to uncover something on the Moon that has stayed secret for decades. Something that is angering the Moon Goddess…

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