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"When we are ready, they will come." A planetary shift of consciousness is happening and many find themselves on a path of enlightenment. But sometimes paths collide. British poet, Tolan Nichols, has a special gift for the world and is on the verge of finding that out. As a boy, he had a strange encounter in the woods with a beautiful shaman, but he only retains a partial memory of the event. Over twenty years later, she contacts him in his dream state and he is compelled to find her. His quest is detained by a pretty and eccentric female who has her own intentions for him. One woman has his purpose, the other holds his heart. Ex Special Forces, Benson Palmer, heads a secret DNA investigation of the birthing of Indigo Children into our population, but one thing steals his focus. He finds out that an ex-girlfriend had given birth to his daughter four years ago. Both have disappeared and the search leads him to an adversary that no military training has prepared him for. Amateur astronomer, Gordon Leake, watches the night sky for UFOs hoping to find the truth that is out there, but by connecting the dots with an enigmatic acquaintance, he is on the trail of a new discovery that is much closer to home: descendents of ancient Lemurians beneath Mt. Shasta. They combine uncanny skills on a mission that leads them to an unpredictable outcome, costing them what they each hold precious. As the first book in the We, The Hidden series, which is based on a current legend, The Race Within introduces a cast of unforgettable characters who show us how amazing discoveries can come when we follow the signs and synchronicities that are presented to us. "Fiction worth reading! My type of action story for the 'enlightened'" -B.K. Barrett (Amazon reviewer)

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