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Cameo leads a normal life; sort of. She is normal; sort of. She never could place what was missing in her life. There always seemed to be something that was missing in her life. That is until she meets a tall dark and entirely feral man sitting in her living room. She is whisked away and plunged into a world she never even thought could exist. Marcus knew that from the moment he laid eyes on her that Cameo was special. Too bad he was sent to kill her to keep her from the Shifters. Her strength and will to survive impressed even Marcus, but despite his feelings for the seemingly common human woman he had a job to do. Damian leader of the Shifters is on a mission. His mission: create a stronger and better soldier to defeat his lifelong opponents. Cameo was no different; another pawn in his sinister plot to eradicate his enemies. He couldnt fight the attraction he felts towards her, nor could he forget the link they shared. There was no denying there was more to Cameo than anyone could imagine.

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