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Ellestanya craves knowledge and power, as a Wizard of the Obsidian Tower it is expected that she will grow to be powerful. The day of her advancement to journeywoman, she left the safety of the tower determined to explore Midnight. Before she made her way through the dark roads and twisting alleys of the Warren, she encountered a pair of hypnotic eyes that reminded her of her familiar – the viper, Leo. Spice needed to escape the Warren. He had one duty, and to achieve it he required a companion. When he spotted the wizardess walking boldly through the Warren, he knew his luck had turned for the better. Before he revealed himself to her, the wizardess crossed White Bridge and took her rest upon the 9th level of the White Tower. The only tower of the Seven Towers of Moonglow that stood empty. Tammara had been traveling through the Western Steppes for seven moons without resting anywhere longer than three days. For a Cleric of Frey, grace was advanced only through action and unfailing service. She was enjoying the quiet grace of the White Tower deliberation chamber when her prayers were interrupted by a pair of bickering voices. If she thought moons of constant travel were a test of her fortitude, how will she survive adventuring with a wizard and a rogue?

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