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As a blizzard slowly engulfs Summter Island, Marion Blanchard urges her old Chevy along a slippery road that borders a steep cliff. Just as she sees her homes lights twinkling in the distance and breathes a sigh of relief, Marions car hits a patch of black ice, crashes over the guardrail, and plunges into the icy sea below. Moments later, Marion slips into the arms of death. In the shadow of a towering pine not far from Marions home, Windsong, a frail figure watches as the Chevys headlights flicker out beneath the angry waves and then disappears into the snowy mist. When Marion finally emerges from the dark mist into a soft light, she realizes she has taken on a new ethereal form with a mission to keep her family together. Unfortunately, only her youngest grandson, Patrick, has the ability to see and hear her. While Marion formulates a plan she hopes will bring all her family back to Windsong, her children and grandchildren grieve their loss and, with gentle urging from Marion, finally begin to recognize the value of family and Windsong. In this poignant tale, a mother embarks on a determined journey after death to keep her family together and ensure that the traditions of her lovely home live on forever.

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