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Seventeen-year-old Skyler’s life has been difficult ever since her parent’s mysterious disappearance, but recently it has taken a turn for the worse. She is being plagued with bizarre dreams of a mythical fae king, and his life full of love and loss. Her best friend, Kevin, tries to convince her, the dreams are nothing more than a manifestation of childhood faerie tales. A coping mechanism to escape the pain of bereavement, and a way to hide from the irrefutable evidence that points out her guardians’ involvement in the cold case. Skyler on the other hand, believes there is more to the dreams after an ominous, dark male figure approaches her. In an attempt to uncover the truth, she soon becomes a captive of a rebel fae faction. The leader, a hotheaded Goblin, she is strangely attracted to.As the lies of her life continue to unravel Skyler learns; things are not always what they seem, and dreams are not always dreams.

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