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Marina and Salome meet on an island, each at pivotal times in their lives, and become fast friends. They soon cross paths with Alanika, a visitor from another world and a different dimension. Alanika introduces the girls to a higher purpose and sends them on a journey beyond anything they thought possible. Alanikas teacher and mentor, the Grand Master Zione, reveals the full extent of their dangerous quest. Marina and Salome must somehow unite with their twin flames and together remove the dark mist that hides the most majestic of planets, Ziama. Centuries before, dark lords placed a mist over the planet to keep humanity in a state of ignorance. Ziamas light and brilliance shined upon Earth has the power to help humanity remember its true purpose and spiritual nature. However, the dark lords have survived by feeding on the fears of man for eons. They wont give up their free meal without a fight. Marina and Salome must shake the vestiges of their physical being and embrace the divine to reveal Ziama and unshackle the human race from fear, anger, and hate for good.

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