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Luke Martinez is a young lawyer of Apache and Hispanic descent working in Washington, D.C. His current assignment involves an investment program proposed by the United States and supported by the Colombian Government to redirect cartel drug profits and dry up the flow of drugs into the U.S. However, Luke finds it odd that the first investment selected is a gambling casino in New Mexico. His suspicions build as he sees signs of more nefarious motives. In this Government-orchestrated scheme, a web of C.I.A. agents, military, and lawyers work undercover-some with hidden agendas-conspiring with cartel drug lords to use Native American casinos as their foil. The deeper Luke is immersed in the project, the more he is convinced that his Apache people are being ill-used. Trying to protect them from yet another form of exploitation, Luke learns too much and becomes a fugitive in his own country and the prey of vindictive drug dealers. Caught in the lethal crossfire, Luke seeks the guidance of an Apache elder and resorts to the ancient warfare methods of Geronimo, hoping to survive long enough to expose the deception.

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