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Claire Windstrum, the Deputy Director of Clandestine Operations at CIA, has selected Mike Shocklee to carry out a Level IV op to abduct a military scientist from a mental institution in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is a highly sensitive operation with national security implications that will cause severe damage to bilateral relations with the Russians should the United States’ hand in the operation become known. The target, Dr. Dimitry Mauldin, a former Ministry of Defense scientist, was committed to the hospital by his superiors after suffering a mental breakdown from work-related stress. After a year of confinement for treatment, Mauldin is still considered a babbling fool by most of his colleagues. However, CIA doctors believe they have developed a new drug that can help restore his senses. Mike’s mission is to abduct Dr. Mauldin and deliver him to the CIA’s covert medical facility where doctors hope to learn the secrets regarding new submarine stealth technology that Dr. Mauldin was instrumental in developing. After weeks of planning the operation is under way and nearly compromised, after a local asset supporting Shocklee’s infiltration team kills her lover and boss. A decision is made to continue with the operation after the police issue a BOLO for her arrest. The successful abduction of Dr. Mauldin takes on a new twist when Shocklee realizes that he is confronted with another problem—what do to about Miss Lubikov, the local TV reporter who has helped them with the operation—leave her behind to be interrogated by the FSB and the CIA’s hand revealed or bring her out with Dr. Mauldin.

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