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There are 6 books in the Atlantis series: Hidden Courage; Tomb of Atlantis; Curse of Atlantis; Tomb of Zeus; Weapon of Atlantis; and Atlantis: The Sacred Orb. Please see recommended order of reading below. Hidden Courage: is the back story of the main character in the Atlantis series (Interesting, but not essential) Tomb of Atlantis: is book 1 Curse of Atlantis: is book 2 Tomb of Zeus: is book 3 Weapons of Atlantis: is book 4 Atlantis: The Sacred Orb: is book 5   Atlantis: The Sacred Orb: Jack Roberts and Javier Arista have found an alien laboratory deep within the Marianna Trench. Inside the lab, its greatest secret has been discovered: the cure for all disease. When Jack and Javi release the formula to the world, their triumph is only short-lived. They learn that data is missing, preventing its development, much to the delight of the world’s most powerful pharmaceutical corporations. With their alien spacecraft lost at the bottom of the ocean, future visits to the lab to obtain the missing data seem hopeless… until Alfred Jameson, CEO of pharmaceutical corporation Anti-Gen, steps forward and offers his “services”. Alfred’s offer to help seems dubious at best, but with little other choice, both Jack and Javi agree to their new partnership.   Their adventure begins with the spacecraft’s retrieval. From the very start, their actions are monitored and the operation goes horribly wrong. Later, after finding their way to the deep underwater lab, they learn the missing data was saved to a small silver sphere: an orb. Their journey now takes them around the world in search of the seven thousand years old artifact. The ride is relentless as they struggle with armed rebels, deadly booby traps and those that would stop at nothing to get their hands on the orb’s cherished data.   When all seems hopeless, Jack has a plan, but so does his enemies. Will he overcome the forces of evil or will they see through his plan and claim the prized orb as their own?   107,000 words   For those interested in updates on book releases, please sign up for my newsletter:

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2014
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000862984157
    • ISBN:  1230000285420

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