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 Before the Death March is the sequel to Intervention by Michael Widmer. The GT Intervention Team entrusted by the president and vice president to stop mass shootings is back, and now their focus will experience an increase in the types of mass killers they will be facing. The information being gathered by the government has reached epic proportions, and the long-term focus continues to be the justification leaders use to continue the monitoring of “prospects” in an effort to stop the mass killings that plague the country. Who is safe from the invasion of personal privacy? And what will be the long-term solution? The story contains fictional characters from Intervention taking on the killers picked by the system. As the system grows, the number of teams increases as well. Though the cases are fictional, the type of crimes they address threatens all of us in real life, crimes that fade with the intervals in between incidents. At the end of the story, the author discusses solutions and the need to address more than just gun control, mental health, and lengthy investigations into why.

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