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During the bleak closing decade of the Cold War, there is no sign of a thaw between the opposing powers of East and West. But what if there is a common threat, which can only be faced with a common response? Unless, of course, the common threat itself is an illusion created by one of the players in the intelligence game. But someone, for some reason, is blackmailing key members of the intelligence community on both sides of the Iron Curtain. And people are dying - in violent circumstances. Coincidence? If not, what is the common link uniting the different cases? Eric Blaines, the dyspeptic trouble-shooter from the Ministry of Defence, is the only man who can find the answer. But to do so he must confront the ghosts in his own past. "As Andrew Taylor triumphantly proves...there is still room for excellence." Irish Times "Eye-blinking finale and a refreshing air of being plotted on the hoof." The Guardian

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