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Some people will do anything for money even though the risk may outweigh the ultimate gain. Follow 6 tales of lust and greed and decide for yourself if the chase was worth it. You might just be surprised. 18+ STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT & EXPLICIT SEX1. Sex Crimes: Erotic CruiseA Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Story With Explicit SexWith their love still strong, the only thing missing in Claire and Davids relationship is the hot and horny sex they once had. Content with spending nights getting hammered and chilling with friends, they thought love was all they needed. That was until one crazy night at Jakes bar when the shit hit the fan and the two lovers got a taste for the perfect aphrodisiac: Crime. The excitement of escaping the police puts their sex life back on track and they will stop at nothing to keep their sexual fires burning. On a luxury cruise, the couple seduces their way to the riches, sleeping with the wealthy to get to their precious gems. They will soon become one of Americas Most Wanted by pulling off a slew of sophisticated heists.2. Sex Crimes: Breaking & EnteringHard bodies & dirty minds create a deadly mix. Get ready for some hedonismClaire and David are able to settle down in a home of their own. To kick off their lustful desires, they still need the sexual rush of adrenaline. Targeting the rich, the lovers train their hard bodies so they can break into homes while the families are away, stealing whatever looks valuable.While fencing the swag they are told about a charity event in New York City. Billionaires from all over the country come to mingle, donate, and more importantly- show off their jewels. This is it! The score of the century and they want it.To keep themselves sharp, they train and pull off more robberies. But what happens when they break into the wrong familys house?3. Sex, Money & Murder: The Perfect ScamA killer body and deadly intentions are the key ingredients for the perfect scam.A married couple named Rob & Kim believe they have the perfect idea for a scam. They found a way to make millions of dollars, all it will take is Kims driving sexuality and an employee of a very rich company.Will their best laid plan succeed or can anyone pull off the perfect scam?4. Black Widow: Dellas WebNo Man Could Resist Her Seductive Charm. They Would All Fall Victim To Dellas Web.A stunning young woman with big aspirations finds a way out of her cowpoke town. She marries her High School sweetheart that is on his way to becoming a wealthy doctor in a big city. After an unexpected accident, The Black Widow is born. She uses her sexual skills and good looks to lure men into her web of death and then makes a large fortune on the life insurance policy. Can anyone stop the mastermind of a sick and twisted lady?5. The Billionaires Forbidden Love: Sex, Lies & SecretsHe has one hand over her mound and works his fingers as if he was playing guitar, making beautiful music with her tiny button. He serenades her with a love song that only his fingers know how to pick- a tune that no man can duplicate.A Love Triangle Unlike Any Other And A Secret So Shocking That It Could Bring A Billion Dollar Empire To Its Knees.6. The Billionaires Sexy Stewardess: Mile-High ClubA Taboo Sexual Act Not Many Have The Opportunity To Experience, A Beautiful Woman Whos Never Taken The Chance, And A Billionaire Trophy Husband Doing His Best To Make Up For A Bitch Of A Wife. What Happens When The Two Meet?

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