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Omar is a devout Muslim who believes he can balance the scales of justice by serving the US government.The son of wealthy parents, Jawa and Omar Al-Rasheed, he was born in New York and educated at Harvard. His father was an investment broker for the Faisals and was killed in the 9/11 tragedy.Omar joined the Marines after university and served in Mogadishu where the CIA recruited him for his first deep cover mission, at the age of 24.He spent four years under cover and earned the trust and respect of his CIA masters. They later sent him to infiltrate Hezbollah in Palestine where he was shot and wounded by an Israeli solider.He volunteered to penetrate the Muslim extremists in London after his father’s death and that led him to training camps in Pakistan and eventually Afghanistan, as a member of the Taliban.His years in deep cover have not affected his humour or beliefs, or his passionate dedication to the US. But he has become a solitary man dealing with situations in his own way.His incredible inner strength and stamina, coupled with his debonair good looks, perfect physique and command of languages provide him with all the tools necessary for his clandestine role.His immediate CIA boss, Jack Ziegler, is proud of his protégé and has helped create the perfect cover for Omar in London. It worked so well that Omar is completely trusted by the organisations he has penetrated and no one suspects he is an undercover agent.When Omar is captured by Marines in Afghanistan as a Taliban fighter, he keeps his secret to himself. He doesn’t trust anybody. Even when he is imprisoned in Guantanamo, he maintains his cover and his faith, to the point it could cost him his life.Meanwhile Jack discovers Omar is trapped inside Guantanamo and works feverishly to find a way to get him out, without blowing his cover.When he succeeds, the real Omar is revealed: suave, sophisticated and very intelligent, with a ruthless streak, that he manages to conceal from those that do get close to him.

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