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Only dead lawyers tell the truth. When Charlie Hodgekiss, a junior law partner dies mysteriously, the most prestigious legal firm in Florida soon learn about his clients.  They are the largest cannabis distribution network on the East Coast.  Debbie and Carl are their clients and refugees from New Orleans.  No, they didn't run from a hurricane.  They ran from the cops.    Two of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  Dangerous too. They run the Florida operation.  But the business is changing fast and they need to adapt or get out. Bill and Jackson are also their clients and have been growing together since they were in college with Charlie.  But a woman has strained their friendship.  Now they only see each other when its time to sell to Carl and Debbie.  Distrust is dangerous in their profession Professor Mark Strange was savagely attacked as a child.  He’s carried the scars and the cane with him ever since.  When salacious pictures of him and girlfriend are posted all over campus he is suspended without pay. Mark is starting to realize he is something horrible.  A sexual predator. He reaches out for help.  He isn't expecting what he finds.  While working on his PhD., Prof. Strange developed a model for evaluating conflicting historical accounts.  Problem is that it is similar to models used by the NSA to evaluate raw intelligence data.  The government tried to suppress his doctoral dissertation. This gave him 'rockstar' status in the sedate world of historians. A powerful shadow group want to test Professor Strange and his methods.  A robbery gives them their chance.  Can a Professor Strange survive his own investigation? Can Mark reverse the downward spiral of his life? Read Higher Education Now While It's Still Legal Words your mother won't like: Of course Imaginary Sex: Yes Satirical Viewpoints: Overwhelmingly

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