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Kriminalrat Max Hocz is certain there’s a serial killer roaming Berlin.The latest victim, number 56 by his count, is the wife of the famed General-turned-coward Hans Cramer. While Hans sits snug in Trent Park, a prisoner of the British, his wife suffers under the blade of a lunatic.The problem is this lunatic was caught months ago by Max’s rival, the arrogant Kriminalrat Franz. The deviant Bruno Lüdke, and his artless intellect, had been sent to Vienna to be studied by SS doctors. The murders should’ve stopped. Instead they’ve begun again.Gruppenführer Arthur Nebe, Director of the Criminal Police, has no desire to face the reality of the situation. And he doesn’t want to acknowledge the wrong man may have been arrested. When indications lead Max to conclude the suspect he seeks is SS, Nebe is less than pleased.Sworn to secrecy, Hocz and his partner, the arthritic and alcoholic Neff Newer, fashion a list of suspects in a city full of murderers.With the end of the war looming, Max must decide if solving this crime is worth sacrificing his life in pursuit of a justice nobody wants to embrace.

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