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For as long as she could remember, Léa has always felt like an outsider – and that was perfectly fine with her. But shortly after her 16th birthday when her eyes begin to change colors with the shift of her moods, and her skin seems too small for the sudden heat of her emotions, she is certain that her mother has been keeping something from her. And even though she has can see her mother’s dreams, all Léa can be sure of is that it has something to do with her father, whom her mother adamantly refuses to speak of. But when Léa’s mother loses yet another job and threatens to make her start over again in one more school, Léa decides it is time to take destiny into her own hands. Saying good-bye to her mentor Chang, and her mystical friend Thia – and with her mother’s tearful blessing – Léa goes to the only place she’s ever felt at home: her grandparents’ ranch in Marblemount. In Marblemount, Léa finds herself surrounded by both the familiar and the strange as she discovers an extended family she never knew she had. However, with magical secrets of their own, and a geis they are desperate to keep hidden, not everyone is happy about her return. As Léa adjusts to yet another role as outsider and the physical changes fighting for control inside of her, she begins to uncover a dangerous side to the magical world of Marblemount that she hadn't bargained for. But with the help of Goliath a stubborn, mammoth size, shape-shifting horse, and the mysterious Caleb Danveres, a determined Léa delves into unraveling the secrets of her past. Will Léa ever find the answers she so desperately hopes for? Or will the mysterious Sorcerer’s Sphere spell the end of all that she knows?

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