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John Baran’s best friend dies from a bizarre, massive stroke he suffered in Moscow under mysterious conditions. Since his friend managed a highly sensitive, politically-charged, joint U.S. and Russian cellular network venture, John suspects foul play and goes to Moscow to get answers. Russian interests, determined to guard their secrets, are ready for him. They enlist KGB spies and a sultry female, a GRU agent specializing in sexual persuasion, to keep tabs on John and make sure he doesn’t pick up where his friend left off—by any means necessary.The Moscow CIA, using the venture’s network to eavesdrop on the Kremlin, discovers a KGB plot to overthrow President Gorbachev’s government and stop the Russian democratic reforms. To insure success of their military coup, the conspirators develop a plan for a bio-terror attack on U.S. soil to create a threat of retaliatory action against Russia, hoping it will unite the people behind the conspirators in a patriotic deterrence of aggression. Desperate, the CIA station chief seeks John’s help in a dangerous KGB bribery scheme to get details behind the terrorists’ plan before it’s too late.A beautiful prima ballerina, supporting a democratic movement determined to stop the KGB plot, seeks John’s help in using the venture’s network in a dangerous scheme to eavesdrop on the high military command, hoping to find out the coup’s plan so that a popular resistance can be mounted against the military takeover in time.This political storm hurls John into the whirlwind of espionage, bio-terrorism, the country’s seedy underground, and the middle of hard-line communists’ attempt to reverse history. While his original motivation to find answers to his friend’s murder never wanes, the pursuit leads him on an adventure that’s more than he’d bargained for. The quest to avenge one death makes him the only man who can save countless American lives and help derail the second Bolshevik revolution—if he can stay alive.

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