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    During the last operation for the UN, Alex Craven sustains a career ending injury. He does know how to tell Paul Blair of his decision to retire. As usual, Blair makes it easier for him by broaching the subject first. When John Gannon also decides to retire at the same time, then Blair must make a decision about his own future. These three have been a force to be reckoned with for very a long time, and Paul Blair tries to find a way to keep this small group intact. Blair has already talked to and accepted a post to be a special undercover agent outside normal law enforcement agencies and departments for the president. He would be the presidents ace in the hole. One way to keep this trio together would be to convince Craven and Gannon to join him and be undercover agents for the American president. Having agreed to join Blair in this adventure, their first task is to track and arrest two rogue DEA agents, in which the system seems to be incapable of doing. It is while doing this that Blair uncovers the fact that a multibillionaire with a god complex, one Vernon R. Foster, has decided to destroy first the presidency and then the government of the USA, and set himself up as the supreme leader of the United States of America. His reasons for doing this are to right the wrongs of the South, who lost in the Civil War. By his efforts in catching Foster, Blair unlocks a vast fortune in money and also a huge stack of small arms enough to reequip most of the nations police forces. Unfortunately, it is the motivation for Blair to retire gracefully from the field of conflict.

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