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Beatrice la Fleur is out walking in the park when she notice her sister la Dolce. Hello my dear how have you been doing since I saw you some month ago. Im doing fine Beatrice. Im still in the personal; consulting business. You arent charging more than three hundred are you? No, not in that business. However Beatrice I have started a new business where I charge twenty-five thousand dollar. What kind of business can pay that kind of money? Beatrice had more questions, and was waiting to hear what la Dolce would answer. Im in a removal business. And twenty-five thousand is my fee. But love who can pay so much, and what are you removing in this removal business? Well Beatrice, say that you have a company that is doing quite well. Then one of your workers makes a small change to one of your products. You can right away see this is going to give you untold millions. Then out of the blue, one of your competition starts to crowd your space. That is when you call my company to have this person removed. But my dear lets go and get us some coffee, suggested Beatrice, and the two went to the Grands veranda that had just opened for the warmer weather. Sitting with the coffee, la Dolces telephone rang. It was Count Salvador that told them that a good friend had arrived from the states, and we are missing two ladies. Can you la Dolce find another sweet lady for a party? Sure Salvador Ill bring my sister Beatrice, we can be at your place in half an hour. It turned out that Salvadors friend was here to steal informations on two engines. And la Dolce got the job to remove him. To save Salvadors friends life, he had to fly back to the states this evening. Beatrice followed him the following morning, and while in the States she found out the truth about this Casanova, and shot him. Returning to la Dolce and the Count, she asked, when can I pick up my twenty-five thousand?

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