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In the not too distant future, Avgustin Juniper, a Russian artist living in the USA, is accused of murdering his model and lover Annabel Linton. His case reaches the attention of high-profile attorney, Cassandra Sharp. But the deaths aren’t clearcut: Annabel was attacked and mutilated in a way that the NYPD finds hard to fathom. Soon, more strange murders occur. Juniper, now under Cassandra’s wing, begins to have terrifying nightmares. Only to learn that they are linked with the case. Worse, every time he paints a female model, she becomes the next victim. Soon Juniper is carried into a nightmare world, where his only support comes from the unexpectedly caring Cassandra. Leaning on her more and more, Juniper finds himself falling for his lawyer and only friend. With his newfound infamy, Juniper’s art is able to command extraordinary prices facilitated by gallery owner Joy Awen. As the story unravels, four extraordinary women are revealed, along with their past, immortality, and their connection to the famous artist, Pablo Picasso.

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