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Can the US President tame the World’s rogue states without going to war? Yes, he can! As the rhetoric and abuse mount between the US President and two out of the World's three rogue states, a new approach is needed if World War Three is to be avoided. Despite the huge risks involved in infiltrating any of these secretive dictatorships, Tom Wilder is chosen for the dangerous task of taking the sting out of the weapons they threaten to use against the US. The spiking of the first rogue state’s ICBMs shatters its dictator leader’s credibility and quickly leads to pent-up revolution and to the tyrant’s downfall. But after his overthrow, bent on revenge, this enraged tyrant gets himself and some loyal followers into the US. Using the very technology that brought him down, he aims to destroy the US from within and terminate Wilder too. Can Wilder and the big US Agencies stop him before he brings the most powerful nation on earth to its knees? The story races from New York to London, Moscow and the west Coast of Scotland and back to an exciting culmination in California. It’s a roller coaster ride with a twisting, turning plot and a real surprise at the end. This is a fast-paced thriller and if you like the way Jack Reacher deals with people and with crises, you’ll love Tom Wilder. So, while you await the next Jack Reacher book, why not risk getting hooked on another hero to follow – Tom Wilder.

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