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In every murder investigation, there are procedures to follow—and then there are the ways things get done. Michael Dooley, a drunken ex-con, has lost his wife, his child, and everything he cares about. His life has hit rock bottom... he thinks. When he stumbles upon the scene of a horrific murder, he realises that the bottom is a lot farther down than he'd ever imagined. Split between the lower-class urban wasteland of the village of Broker, and the spit-and-polished elegance of the city of Brittwood, the location of the body brings bitter ex-partners Payden Beck and Bryan Verrill back together as joint detectives on the case. Their darkly storied past makes for an explosive investigation, one that turns into a maelstrom of suspicion, double-crosses, threats, intimidation, violence, and a mad dash to close the case by whatever means necessary. With the pressure building, the race to find the killer threatens to shred the lives of everyone it touches—bringing back secrets long since buried. From the very beginning, only one thing is ever certain: everyone has something to lose. [Crime Fiction, Hard-Boiled Mystery] "SPLIT THE MIDDLE"** by Michael Golvach** Evolved Publishing presents a crime novel sure to keep you glued to the page from first page to last, from the award-winning author of fiX. [DRM-Free] Books by Michael Golvach: Bloody Gullets fiX Missing Pieces Split the Middle More Great Crime Fiction from Evolved Publishing: Duncan Cochrane Series by David Hagerty Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond A Point Thriller Series by Jeff Altabef The Syndicate-Born Trilogy Series by K.M. Hodge

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