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Sepu, an investigative reporter, goes into a new adventure. Just married, looking for a raise and blinded with enthusiasm decides to accept an assignment as news correspondent for the Nogales-Tumacori zone in Sonora, Mexico´s northwestern state. His mission: tell the news at the borderline trench!Arriving at Nogales for the first time, Sepu and his wife found a city characterized by "lousy bars", arts and crafts shops and landfills; but hungry for fame and fortune, Sepu decides to search for his next story. Panchita Valenzuela, office manager, helps him to get a meeting with an underground contact that provides him useful leads, his bloodhound scent-seeking instinct was awakening. During his fishing investigation discovers that some rotten things were happening around the “wetbacks” killings. Who to trust? If drug dealers, judges, policemen and citizens from both sides are involved.He needs to get the answers and is willing to take the chances to find the truth, even if it means to play undercover and bend the rules. With the support of Juan Pata, a veteran US sergeant distinguished for his integrity, Sepu pulls on the strings and is able to tie up all the loose-ends to unravel the “real” story underneath the murders of illegal immigrants. Through this novel full of entanglements, surrounded by mysteries and with a touch of humor, Ricardo G. Wolffer shares with us the concerns that affect the lives of people residing at the borderline, as well as the risks faced by brave journalists who dare to cover these topics.

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