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By the end of 1995. the bloody war in the former Yugoslavia was stopped in American town Dayton. The peace agreement was finaly signed. CIA, French secret Service, and Pentagon immediately create their own "security spy net". The Dayton agreement must succeed! But, the situation on the ground is very difficult for the secret services. Their agents are dying like flies! Some traces are telling that one secret criminal organization, set up in Easter Europe, is very active on the territory of former Yugoslavia. The secret criminal organization has only one aim: they want to do a sabotage on IFOR, UN troops for peace in the former Yugoslavia, and with that sabotage destroy the Dayton agreement! Simon Thom, the head of the French Secret Service, ask for help his old friend Hamilton, who is one of the most powerful man in the Italian Mob and the former head of the criminal organization in Croatia. Soon, Hamilton finds out who the head of the dangerous organization which wants to destroy the Dayton agreement is: Viktor Petrovski, the former KGB agent. Hamilton also finds out one other thing: Petrovski killed his fiance in Moscow a few years ago. Hamilton wants his death! Hamilton, CIA, Pentagon, French Secret Service and the Mob go together against Petrovski and his organization. Every step of their plan and action must be precise and infallible, like a step in the waltz. Simply, their dance, "The Dayton's Waltz", must be danced perfectly!

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