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    One of the USSRs main aims in the past was to cause disablement in the democratic countries of the Middle East, such as Lebanon, and in Africa, in Angola. Their main aim was to cause massive destruction of law and order and therefore make it easier for a Communist state to be born. If enough countries could be moulded in this fashion, then Russia would not need to fight a war. If they supplied enough arms to the people, the local populous would do it for them. This was the situation that the court at the Hague wanted Paul Blair and his team to investigate. The court already knew about two Arabs from Syria and a Russian from Bulgaria who were involved, running the biggest illegal arms supply in the world. But how to stop them was the question. Paul Blair, again acting under a warrant issued by the international court, will chase these lowlife criminals across Africa and the Middle East before eventually rounding them up and transporting them to the International Court at The Hague. Paul Blair and his team with their usual dedication to the task at hand will eventually bring this evil trio to stand before a jury of their peers and be served with the justice they so richly deserve, for the thousands of lives they have destroyed in pursuit of vast sums of money and the political aims of Russia and world domination.

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