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“The information which Zaharoff secured in Germany for Lloyd George was the most important piece of intelligence of the whole war,” said Georges Clemenceau, Premier of France in World War One. “They say that the information I brought ended the war,” Sir Basil Zaharoff told the journalist Rosita Forbes in 1933 in a statement not for publication until after his death. So crucial was this mission that David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain, persuaded his King to knight the sometime Constantinople brothel tout Zaharoff for the information he brought out of the chaos of Germany. This is the true story of how Basil Zaharoff, the greatest armaments manufacturer the world has ever seen, the notorious Pedlar of Death himself, the hated enemy of the Left, in June 1918 risked death to enter Germany like a common spy to determine whether the Germans should be offered an honorable peace by the reluctant Allies before the triumphant Bolsheviks took over Germany and brought chaos to all Europe. Peopled by the heroes and villains of history — including a cameo by the young Hermann Goering — THE ZAHAROFF COMMISSION is a literally true thriller. Historically, it shatters the century-old myth that Germany was defeated in World War One by military force. “Jute’s work of fiction is, once again, bang on target.” — Donald McCormick, author of PEDLAR OF DEATH: THE LIFE OF SIR BASIL ZAHAROFF.

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