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Prologue A frazzled mother eagle; who had been circling the top of the Pledge mountains, eventually detected a narrow ledge from where she could safely spy down on the peculiar bright yellow noisy things, who seemed to have been responsible for the crumbling of the awkward stone cradle she had chosen to nest, seven hundred meters up and away from the foot of the mountain. The frantic calling of her two ravenous children ceased the moment their long descent ended, and she turned her head; fighting off the bright eastern light, to zoom in for any movement down below. Each of them; when their roughly stacked shelter tumbled over the edge, instinctively and frantically gripped as many sticks as their small claws could gather, having been mercilessly plucked from breakfast on the high crevice, and suddenly had to battle it out with gravity. She swapped, and let the still spooked rabbit tire itself out more in the left machine-like claw, wondering if her children were still hungry. A second massive tremor which shook the mountain, thundered up in her direction, and warned that the rabbit; now having surrendered in a limp act as a desperate plea for mercy, was not number one on her list of priorities. Releasing her left claw, she darted a last look at the petrified fur-ball who wasn't quite sure how to make peace with its new habitat halfway up to heaven, and bolted gratefully for the full ten meters of a lower ledge that it miraculously hopped onto, then skidded to a slippery halt as it froze when it realised that there was no way down. The distraught mother swooped and landed next to the jumble of large sticks and down feathers, then burnt her large eyes, up and down at the humming yellow monster, unsure how to strategise her revenge on it. In the far distance she barely made out her regular visitors, who would appreciate from afar, the usual breakfast ritual. Unlike before, she noticed that one was missing. The short silhouettes turned and disappeared into the gleaming tall grass, lit up by the blinding morning sun, after one hammered his walking stick into the ground hard, in disgust.

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