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Which is more terrifying , a human being or a monster? The answer is a human being,because only mankind has the ability of thinking.What’s more,no monster is more ferocious than a human being,who can play the part of any most horrible demons and monsters.Apart from that,no beast can torture its enemies with such persistence in such a long time. With each “unexpected” disaster approaching,the secret man emerged around unexpectedly. Was he coming to help ,rescuing or devastating?Was he God or a demon? Could he achieve his goals alone? Table of Contents: Chapter 1 An Offer Chapter 2 Strangely Busy New Beginning Chapter 3 Thefts Chapter 4 Candy Chapter 5 Bell’s Resignation Chapter 6 Contest enrollment and coaching Chapter 7 Teaching Problems Chapter 8 New Term Upgraded unfair Chapter 9 Students being Instigated Chapter 10 Kate’s Resignation Chapter 11 Baker Brook

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