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In our Old Testament Snapshot study we talked about the prophecies and how important they would be to those who were going to be around when Jesus was alive. The prophecies were so important that without them the people would have had a hugely, mondo difficult time, probably impossible, in recognizing the Messiah when He finally came. God knew that the people would need positive proof that Jesus was the Messiah. God just didnt provide one or two prophecies to show the people that Jesus was the Messiah. There were literally thousands of prophecies that He had to fulfill and He did just that.In this study we will begin looking at the different things that Jesus did to fulfill prophecy, and to touch humanity in a way that no one else could. Since He was God, He was able to heal the sick and the lame. He was able to give sight to the blind. He had the power of life and death, so He could bring people back to life. He did some truly amazing things during His three-year ministry but still many of the people that saw Him do this stuff still did not believe that He was the Messiah.They were so blinded by Satan that it was nearly impossible for some of them to ever believe in Jesus. Satan is very good at what he does. After all, he was the highest created being. That means he was the most powerful, the most beautiful and the smartest creature that ever existed. Satan is no dummy, he knows just how to keep people from seeing God the way He truly is.

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